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Hi there!

I’m Mark Goetz: an independent, fee-only comprehensive financial planner serving:


From planning your estate to determining your income sources, we’ll sit down and review every aspect of your financial situation to create a holistic outlook for your life past employment. As things change, I’ll make strategic updates to your plan to help make sure every dollar contributes to your broader financial picture.


Now that you’re retired, it’s important that every decision you make is meaningful, purposeful and aligned with your unique values and goals. To help ensure this, I’ll serve as your personal financial coach — providing insight into potential implications and guidance as you navigate complex financial situations.

Young Professionals

Whether you just got married or recently bought a new house, I’ll be your partner through every transition, making sure each step you take gets you closer to reaching your goals. Every detail — from investments to insurance policies — will be thoroughly evaluated when creating your custom financial plan.

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